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As part of the support projects during “Error” promotion, we’ve decided to create a small and inexpensive project for K-ST☆RLIGHTS. As we all know, K-ST☆RLIGHTS are fortunate enough to attend music shows and events to see VIXX, but these aren’t always as fun as they may seem. These ST☆RLIGHTS have the same tightly packed schedules as VIXX themselves, waking up in the middle of the night to attend pre-recordings for music shows and waiting in lines in harsh weather conditions. We feel that they work very hard to give cheer and support to our boys, and we’ve decided to thank them for all their efforts! We want to show K-ST☆RLIGHTS that we as international ST ☆RLIGHTS appreciate what they do for this fandom. We want them to stay warm and healthy to continue to show support to VIXX. We want this fandom to connect as one.


What we’ll be doing is collecting donations to buy small snacks/drinks/hotpacks for K-ST☆RLIGHTS to enjoy and keep warm as they wait in line, as many of them don’t have time to eat or wait in line for so long they aren’t able to leave or eat until the pre-recordings are done. 


We’ll be accepting donations through our paypal! Any amount is much appreciated, since we’ll be buying items that are inexpensive. We’ll also be providing a free Eternity album to a random person who chooses to donate! If you want to enter into the raffle, please write your tumblr url or twitter username in the Notes section during the paypal transaction.

***There is NO deadline for donations. We are aiming to support fans all throughout the Error promotion period as many times as we can, and it all depends on how much support we get. The first week of promotions has already ended though, so it would be great if we can enough soon and see how much still keeps rolling in for the following weeks. For every support day, we will be spending just enough to cover all of the fans attending the recording, so remaining donations if any will keep rolling over to the next weeks.

If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to contact us about it. In the meantime please take the time to spread this around and contribute to the project!

donate: here

"my starlights" — N

"my starlights" — N

Hakyeon hushed everyone so that Starlights could hear him say ‘Saranghae’ to all of them  ╥_╥

Hakyeon hushed everyone so that Starlights could hear him say ‘Saranghae’ to all of them  ╥_╥

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do not edit | © Dangerous Rabbit

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